Functional Medicine

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"The true medicine is in integration of multi-system physiology and consciousness in synchronicity"
Dr D Shakambet MD


"Disease is a lack of ease in everything we do, think and feel. Be a dancer in the rhythm of your life and health will find you".
Dr T Bosh MD


Functional Medicine

Biomedic Clinic ®


Bioregulatory Medicine (bio-medic)

The Biomedic is a medical centre for Bioregulatory Medicine. The clinic and educational foundation was founded in 1994 by Dr Damir A Shakambet, MD and Dr Tatyana Bosh, MD to provide systems oriented healthcare.
The Biomedic system is practiced by a medical doctors with therapies that fit within the systems concept of health by creating a protocol for each patient, based on biological systems weakneses or failures by applying bioregulatory methodology.

Bioregulation (homeostasis)= stable balance between interdependent elements of physiological processes

Bioregulatory treatments

Biomedic Clinic delivers a Bioregulatory Health System that helps to improve health by means of facilitating their bioregulation. The clinic offers preventative, regenerative and aesthetic bioregulatory treatments.
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“the Biomedic Centre is an innovative, pioneering and visionary drug-free practice, specialising in bioregulatory and environmental medicine, with a strong accent on prevention and the psychosomatic aspects of disease…”
                                                                                     by James P Graham - A Human Biosysystem .


Biomedic system comprises Biomedic Clinic and founders also developed 'The Societes for Bioregulatory medicine' in 1994 where similar minded physicians and practitioners are networking and also run register of bioregulatory doctors. International Society for Bioregulatory Medicine, with Biomedic as its head office is at the helm of fast growing network that organises education in Bioregulatory Medicine in the UK and abroad.
Research and Publishing in Bioregulatory Medicine is run by the registered medical charity Biomedic Foundation. such as the British Homeotherapeutic Formulary and textbook and compendia in Bioregulatory Medicine.


Biomedic Foundation, established the British Society for Bioregulatory Medicine and the Biomedic Centre incorporates the Biomedic Foundation and the Biomedic Clinic, as the founders are setting up clinical standards for Bioregulatory Medicine and run seminars and a specialisation course.